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Our company was born from a passion to build, fix, improve and create easily by advising tradespeople , business, consumers , the best tools for the job and provide them via local partners or global shippers.


Tools.com is not a normal online store , the highest quality products is just the beginning , daily special buys , exclusive international shipped deals , the ability to tender your job-site and programs of information not seen before . 


Our long term goal is to be the single best support for tools of the trade anywhere in the world.  So if your capable of being part of this revolutionary platform sign up now in the form below and as soon as we are ready we will send you details on the next step .


We are also seeking a small group of companies that seek and want to learn how to ship globally and be apart of our trials also so if you want to be that let us know also. You will be able to disrupt from a central point , and launch your products to a global audience like never before.


The team here look forward to engaging with you as we get closer during the second part of 2020


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With many roles to fill from the worlds greatest Tool buyers , Creative Director , Advertising Managers , Marketing, Social Platform , Accounting , Lead Generation , Blogger , PR Writer , Journalist , Coders, Customer Service roles, and everything in between if you want to be apart of the worlds greatest startup in 2020 and you have a passion for creating and  providing solutions to people then send us your details now for us to review. Roles will be promoted from late 2019 on LinkedIn so follow us at linkedin.com/company/Tools-com 

If you have an amazing idea for a tool, job-site solution, digital app for all platforms , service , invention , product launch , delivery , or anything of any kind to do with tools we want to hear from you. We will help you commercialise that idea , and possibly even invest in it. So we need to hear from you asap using the form here . Make sure you've fleshed your idea out and Tools.com will go live sometime late 2020 and we will want continued innovation for us and our suppliers to capitalise upon.

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